Find the Yoga on Martha's Vineyard


Of the myriad ways to relax and unwind on Martha's Vineyard, Yoga could be the best. The benefits go beyond health & fitness; The yoga studio has become a new social venue. In lieu of meeting for coffee or cocktails, a yoga class date makes perfect sense. It takes the same amount of time, about 90 minutes, and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized, never foggy. 

Martha's Vineyard is home to a community of extremely talented yoga instructors, a plethora of studios, and we even have an App for finding a class in real time! 

Martha's Vineyard Yoga App

This web-based app is available on your phone too, so you can see every class on the island listed in real time, with locations, style, and instructor. You can also follow @mvyoga on Twitter to keep up with any last minute cancellations or changes to classes.