Martha's Vineyard Real Estate with Soul: An exploration into how humans experience real estate

What to do with a degree in Anthropology? 

I majored in anthropology in college, and though my focus was evolutionary, I was required to take many cultural classes, which all tend to explore the same topic in translating the human experience across boundaries. We all experience the same reality in different ways based on what has happen in our past, as individuals, as a culture and as a species. 

Answer: Real Estate

I explore many different properties with buyers, looking for a fit for them. At times I see the same properties with different buyers, and it's truly amazing that even with totally different personal lenses, there are some shared perceptions at these properties. 

There is a property that is on the market now, a commercial unit in Vineyard Haven, with which I have a uniquely intimate experience. The business in this unit is Yoga Haven MV - a yoga studio, and home to Sherry Sidoti's Fly Yoga School

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Sherry Sidoti

Her passion is teaching, and her focus is the yoga school. She has told me before: she never meant to have a yoga studio, she just needed a place to hold the teacher-training sessions. The school gives students the teacher training they need to become certified instructors themselves. When the teacher training is in session, as it is now, it bleeds into the regularly scheduled classes held at Yoga Haven. I attend Sherry's Sunday 10am Bhakti yoga class (almost) every week, year round, along with several other non-teacher training types. We see the ebb and flow here in this studio reflect the pattern of the island, packed in July and August, quiet in February. Check the MV Yoga App Post to find classes

Lighten Up: Life is Good

The Bhakti class this Sunday, July 27th was like no other I've attended in the past three years. A true shared experience took place.

My words will never do it justice, but put simply: Sherry's unique teaching style led the group through a series of physical movements ("yoga"), linked to breath and sound that produced a wild, natural vibration of energy, that released all those pieces of past personal experience that we use to build our lenses, and created room for a REAL, organic shared human group experience, without a plan, without a format, without anything. It was just a room emptied of everything except a huge bursting bubble of energy, and it was awesome. (This happens at about the 53 minute mark in the video)

Sherry remarked, after the dust had settled, "The next time I'm in a class and I'm instructed to call love into my heartspace, I will be calling on this moment." 

People, Places, and Knowing the Unknown

When I see my clients reactions to properties we enter, it's clear that they are searching for an intangible quality that makes them feel at home, or at least that it could be home, (with some renovations). They are looking into a physical space to predict what their experience will be like. And they always know one way or the other if it works for them. Sometimes the property will have everything on their check list but it doesn't feel right. Sometimes it has nothing on their check list, but it just works. 

We are always looking to predict how something will affect us, whether its a property, a person, a job, an article of clothing…In my experience, the unpredictable parts of life tend to have the highest value, and though fleeting, the odds are better at finding the happiness when you leave the rest behind. This session of the Fly Yoga School ends Saturday, some graduates will go back to their homes off island, some will stay here and become new yoga teachers on the island. 

We have four full weeks left of summer - buyers are narrowing in on properties they will keep on the short list to revisit in the fall, and sellers are hopeful to get their properties the most exposure in this final push of vacation real estate "traffic". Breathing in and out, we are all striving for that which makes us happy.

Namaste xo,

Rose Ryley Courcier

Big thanks to the Tulane University Dept. of Anthropology for doing the hard work of enlightening brains in a place that's more fun than it should be. #nolalove